Speaking of 35 Denton, I’ve been doing little things here and there with promotional stuff and blogging, and I gotta say it has been one of the most motivational experiences I’ve had in Denton. 

Pretty much everyone that is coordinating promotions/social media/ overall festivities/ is around the 21 to 26 year old age bracket, and they do a fantastic job of working together as a team. A lot of their online content is very innovative, and I love the way they do promotions with videos.

35 Denton is a weekend long music conference up here in North Texas, and personally speaking, is a much more affordable and intimate alternative to South By Southwest. Not to say that I don’t enjoy SXSW, because WHO DOESNT? But if the bustling streets of Austin aren’t your thing, then this would be a great opportunity to enjoy some great music and cheap drinks. You can check out their line-up (Dum Dum Girls, Built to Spill, The Hood Internet, Oberhofer just to name-drop a few) here.

ANYWAY, if you get a chance you should check them out on Twitter and Facebook and try and keep up with what they have going on. You’ll find some pretty cool stuff. 

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